Whirlpool Washing Machine Spare Parts Price List in India

When it comes to household appliances, your beloved Whirlpool washing machine is a reliable machine that is constantly attending to the needs of your laundry. However, like any mechanical device, the day will come when it needs some TLC to ensure it is in top condition. This is where you can navigate the realm of “Whirlpool washing machine spare parts price list” in the picture.

Whirlpool Washing Machine Spare Parts Price List in India

Spare PartPrice Range (INR)
Belt₹220 – ₹466
PCB₹2,050 – ₹3,850
Door Hinge₹350 – ₹550
Lint Filter₹149 – ₹300
Inlet Hose₹169 – ₹300
Drain Valve₹200 – ₹300
Motor₹2,500 – ₹5,000
Bearing₹150 – ₹250
Pump₹1,000 – ₹2,000
Timer₹500 – ₹1,000
Solenoid Valve₹300 – ₹500
Pressure Switch₹400 – ₹600

Price List: Common Whirlpool Washing Machine Spare Parts

A. List of frequently replaced parts and their price range

In the case of maintaining your Whirlpool washing machine, knowing the cost range for common spare parts is crucial. For example, the water pump could cost between 1,000 and 2,500 Indian rupees, whereas the replacement motor is typically between 2,500 and 5,000 Indian rupees. Understanding the cost range for components such as hoses, belts, or door seals could assist you in budgeting repairs promptly.

B. Price comparison between genuine and generic parts

Another consideration is whether you should go with authentic Whirlpool parts or substitutes. Genuine parts, although more expensive, offer higher compatibility and greater reliability. They can cost, for instance, 1500 Indian rupees for the door seal. In contrast, the generic parts, which cost less, might have an estimated price of between 500 and 1,000 Indian rupees to purchase the exact part. The decision is based on your financial budget as well as your preference

C. Price variations by region or supplier

In the case of a control board, for instance, the price of a control panel could be anywhere between 2,000 and 4,500 Indian rupees, depending on where you buy it. Therefore, it is recommended to research different suppliers and compare prices to get the most competitive price, considering regional cost differences.

Knowing the cost of the most common Whirlpool washer spare parts, be they genuine or not, allows you to make a better decision regarding repair and maintenance, assuring affordable solutions that meet your particular needs.

Understanding Whirlpool Spare Part Pricing Factors

When looking for Whirlpool spare parts for washing machines, you need to understand the pricing factors that affect your budget. Parts prices for spare parts can vary drastically, and knowing the causes behind these fluctuations will help you make educated decisions. When looking for Whirlpool spare parts for washing machines, you need to understand the pricing factors that affect your budget. Prices for spare parts can differ dramatically, and knowing the reasons behind these variations will help you make educated choices.

A. Factors Affecting Spare Part Prices

Parts’ complexity availability, complexity, and demand are crucial in determining the cost of Whirlpool washer spare components. The more intricate or difficult parts are usually more expensive due to the lack of availability and the necessity for special manufacturing.

B. Impact of Warranty and Manufacturer Guarantees

Guarantees and warranties from the manufacturer are important considerations when evaluating prices for spare parts. Original Whirlpool spare parts usually come with guarantees from the manufacturer, which guarantee their reliability and quality. Although they may cost more initially, they provide long-term stability.

C. How the Condition of Your Washing Machine May Affect Pricing

The condition of the washer can affect the cost of spare components. Machines that are older or used extensively could require more extensive repairs, which can result in a higher cost of spare parts. Regular maintenance can reduce the cost of repairs.

Knowing the Whirlpool spare parts pricing aspects is essential for budgeting and making cost-effective choices. It doesn’t matter if it’s how complex the component and warranty requirements are or the condition of the washing machine; knowing the facts will aid you in navigating the Whirlpool washing spare parts list with greater ease.


In the current world of speed, being informed about the Whirlpool spare parts for washing machines’ price list is an essential aspect of responsible home appliance ownership. Knowing the price of frequently replaced parts allows you to budget efficiently and make smart financial decisions, making sure your washing machine is running smoothly for many years to come.

The most important lesson is to be active. Be familiar with the cost list for Whirlpool washer spare components. This information will help you determine the repair cost, negotiate costs, and choose the most cost-effective options in the event of a need. If you are well-informed, you will not just save money but also prolong the life that your machine will have, which will reduce the necessity of spending money on repairs and replacements. Make informed, smart decisions as well, and you’ll find that your Whirlpool washing machine will last for many years to come.


1) What is the price of the Whirlpool gearbox? 

The cost of a Whirlpool gearbox in India will vary based on the model you choose and its availability. On average, you will be able to pay between INR 22,000 and INR 4000 for the Whirlpool washing machine’s gearbox. Prices can fluctuate depending on the location and pricing policy.

2) What is the price of a Whirlpool washing machine, 12 kg, fully automatic? 

The cost of a Whirlpool washing machine, specifically the 12kg fully automatic model, will vary depending on the specifications, features, and retailer. For the most precise and up-to-date pricing data, it is recommended to check Whirlpool’s official Whirlpool website or go to the local stores for appliances. 

For Indian consumers, the decision to replace or repair a gearbox in the Whirlpool washing machine is contingent on different aspects. Take into consideration the severity of the damage as well as the condition of the machine, as well as the Whirlpool washing machine spare parts list of prices. If the repair costs are substantially lower than the cost of a replacement and the appliance is fairly new, then repair could be the best option. But for older machines that have several problems, a replacement may be more affordable over the long term. Consider your situation and budget to make an informed choice.

4) What happens if the gearbox is damaged?

If the gearbox inside the gearbox of your Whirlpool washer is broken, then you could be experiencing issues such as loud sounds or the spin cycle not working properly. Replacing or repairing your gearbox can be crucial to ensuring efficient operation.

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