Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts Price List in India in 2024

Bosch washers, renowned for their outstanding performance, play a crucial function in our daily routines as they ensure that laundry gets taken care of effortlessly. But even the most robust of appliances will encounter problems with time, which requires repairs and maintenance. If the Bosch washing machine spare parts price list needs attention, the search for quality spare parts is a must. These precisely designed parts are the key to ensuring the seamless operation of your appliance as well as long-lasting durability.

Also important is knowing the cost of the essential parts. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Bosch spare parts for washing machines, revealing their significance, as well as offering a complete Bosch washer parts spare cost list to assist you in making informed choices.

Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts Price List

Spare Part NamePart NumberAverage Price (INR)
Drum Belt00642239400 to 600
Drain Pump00620774900 to 1200
Door Seal Gasket00772607800 to 1000
Filter (Lint)00614351300 to 500
Inlet Valve00636459400 to 600
Door Lock Mechanism00630721800–1200
Shock Absorber Kit00645140500 to 800
Door Handle00644222300 to 500
Heating Element00644884800 to1200
Pressure Switch00605270600 to 900
Motor Brushes (Pair)00602461200 to 400
Suspension Springs00619946300 to 500
PCB Control Board006566661500 to 2500
Water Inlet Hose00651139200 to 400
Tub Seal00681172300 to 500
Detergent Drawer00645038300 to 600
In categorizing and arranging these lists, we intend to make it easier for you to find replacement parts for the Bosch washing machine in India. Keep in mind that prices are susceptible to change, and it’s important to confirm the part numbers and compatibility with the specific Bosch washer model.

Where to Find Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts in India

When it comes to locating Bosch spares for the washing machine you own in India, there are a variety of choices to select from. We’ll go over the many sources that are available and give you some useful information on how to find genuine suppliers.

A. Official Bosch Stores 

They are the most reliable source of genuine spare parts. They supply genuine parts specially created specifically for Bosch appliances, which ensures the highest performance and long-lasting durability. Visit your local Bosch retailer and their website to locate the appropriate replacement parts for your washer.

B. Authorized Dealers 

Authorized dealers are a good alternative to purchasing Bosch spare components in India. Make sure you look to see signs that read “Authorized Bosch Dealer” signage and request a certification to prove their legitimacy.

C.Online Marketplaces

In the age of digitalization, online marketplaces are increasingly used to find Bosch spare components. Websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Bosch’s online store have an extensive selection of genuine parts. Be sure to look for sellers with good reviews and high ratings to make sure that you’re purchasing authentic Bosch spare components.

Types of Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts price list

Bosch washers have for a long time been known for their superior quality, performance, durability, and efficiency. Like any mechanical appliance, they will require regular maintenance to ensure their top performance. Knowing the most common spare parts for a Bosch washing machine is vital for every homeowner. In this article, we’ll give you a complete listing of Bosch washing machine spare parts. We’ll also explain the purpose of each component and provide a clear explanation of possible issues you may confront. If you’re looking for the most recent Bosch spare parts for washing machines cost list, you’ve found the right resource.

Spare PartFunctionPotential Issues
Drum BeltsTransmit power from the motor to the drumWear and tear, slipping, or breaking
PumpsCirculate water within the machineClogs, leaks, or unusual noises
FiltersTrap debris and foreign objects in the drain systemBlockages, poor drainage, or foul odors
Door SealsCreate a watertight seal when the door is closedCracks, tears, or mold growth
Drain PumpsRemove wastewater from the machineClogs, leaks, or unusual noises
Hoses and ValvesRegulate water flow into and out of the machineLeaks, blockages, or damaged connectors
Motors and Motor BrushesDrive the machine’s mechanical functionsOverheating, reduced power, or strange noises
Control BoardsManage and coordinate various machine functionsElectrical faults, unresponsiveness, or errors

Factors Affecting Bosch Spare Parts Prices List

Spare parts are an important component of ensuring the performance and effectiveness of the Bosch washer. When it comes time to purchase these spare parts, a variety of variables are at play that affect the price you may experience. This article will look at these important factors that affect the price associated with Bosch wash machine parts.

1. Model of the Washing Machine:

The model that you have of the Bosch washing machine plays an important role in determining the price for spare components. The latest models usually offer more parts at a competitive cost. If, however, you have an earlier or more well-known model, getting spare parts may be more complicated and costly.

2. Age of the Appliance:

The condition of your washer is a different factor to consider. Older models may require expensive or out-of-date spare parts, which are more costly because of their lack of availability. On the other hand, modern appliances usually have less expensive and easily accessible spare parts.

3. Location and Availability:

Your location can impact the price that you pay for Bosch washer spares. The cities typically have a greater number of providers and more competition, which could result in cheaper prices. However, rural areas or those in remote locations might have fewer options and may have higher prices because of the limited supply.

4. Warranty Coverage:

If your washer is still under warranty, you could be eligible to receive free or discounted spare components from Bosch. It is essential to review the warranty conditions and terms since this could significantly ease the cost of replacing parts.

5. Third-Party Suppliers:

Think about buying spare parts from third-party suppliers. They usually offer cheaper alternatives to Bosch’s official Bosch spares. However, the quality and compatibility could differ, and it’s important to look into and select reliable third-party providers.

How to Replace Bosch Washing Machine Spare Parts price list

Are you experiencing issues with your Bosch washing machine showing signs of wear, or maybe it’s not working like it once did? Be assured that you will be required to replace a few spare parts. In this complete guide, we’ll take you through the steps to replace Bosch washer spare components. No matter if you’re looking for a replacement of an old drum belt, damaged pump, or another component from our Bosch spare parts for washing machines price list This guide will help you complete the job safely and effectively.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Parts

Before starting to make your purchase, you should make sure you have the right tools as well as spare parts to replace them. Make sure you have the correct parts that are compatible with your particular Bosch washer model. This Bosch washer spare part price guide will assist you in identifying the right component and the price. Also, ensure you are equipped with tools such as screwdrivers and pliers, as well as safety equipment such as protective glasses and gloves.

Step 2: Safety First

If you are dealing with repairs to appliances, security should be your primary concern. Begin by disconnecting your Bosch washer from power sources to prevent any electrical accidents. Be aware that when it comes to more complicated repairs or if you’re not sure about the DIY abilities of your home, you should get help from a professional. Security and the life span of your washer should not be compromised.

Step 3: Identify the Problem and Part

Take a look at the issue using the problem with your Bosch washer. For example, if you’re not getting the proper drain, it could be because of the pump. Look up the Bosch washing machine’s spare parts price list to find the component you require. To access the majority of the parts, you’ll have to take off the casing of the machine, which could involve removing the panels or screws. Note the location of each piece to be reassembled.

Step 4: Remove the Faulty Part

To replace the part that is malfunctioning, you’ll usually need to cut off cables, hoses, or screws. Check the instruction manual for your specific machine or online resources for more specific instructions. When working on electrical parts, you should be particular. If you’re uncertain, speak to an expert.

Step 5: Install the New Part

Now is the time to mount the new spare piece. Be sure to follow the reverse procedure to remove the old component. Check that all connections are secured and aligned properly. Check your Bosch washing machine spare parts price list to determine if the part is compatible with your machine.

Step 6: Test Your Machine

Once the spare part is installed and connected, plug the Bosch washer back into the appliance or switch to the source of fuel. Test the machine to make sure the issue is solved and that everything functions just as it ought to. Examine for strange sounds or leaks during the test.

Step 7: Reassemble Your Machine

If you’re certain that the issue has been resolved, reassemble your Bosch washer. Install screws, panels, or other components. Make sure that everything is securely secured.


In the end, this article has given you a complete Bosch washing machine parts list of prices. We’ve discussed the significance of genuine components, the best places they can be found, as well as aspects that influence their cost. With these facts, you’ll be able to make informed choices about the care of your Bosch washer. Be aware that price is a factor. It is important to consider the quality of your Bosch washing machine parts, which are vital to ensuring your machine’s longevity and dependability. Therefore, when you’re looking to replace your appliance of choice, select wisely and buy genuine, quality, reliable parts from reputable sources. The Bosch washer will be grateful to its owner.


1) Does Bosch sell parts?

There is a possibility that Bosch has parts available for its appliances, which include spare parts for washing machines. You can buy them on their official website or through authorized dealers

2) Where are Bosch washing machine parts made?

Bosch washing machine components are manufactured primarily in Germany, which is the country where Bosch is located. But Bosch could have manufacturing facilities in different locations for specific parts.

3) Are Bosch parts genuine?

Bosch spare parts are acknowledged for their authenticity and high quality. It is recommended to buy authentic Bosch spare parts for the best performance and long-lasting use of Bosch appliances.

4. How do I find my Bosch part number?

To locate the Bosch product number, look it up in the user’s manual, the label for the product, or the manufacturer’s site. The number is usually printed on the product itself or in the product’s documentation.

5. Where are Bosch products made?

Bosch products are manufactured at several locations across the globe. Bosch has manufacturing facilities in Germany and in several other countries, including those in the United States, China, and India.

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