Top 5 Best Voltas Washing Machines (8 kg) 

In the modern world of speed, the search for efficiency and convenience is an ongoing endeavor. One place where these attributes are essential is in appliances in the home, especially in the case of Voltas washing machines (8kg). There are a variety of options to choose from. Volta washers have been steadily gaining popularity, and with good reason. Their cutting-edge features, performance, and flexibility make them a popular option for families of every size.

Selecting the best washing machine is a choice that affects our lives. It determines how effectively we manage our laundry, from daily family loads to smaller, daily loads. We discuss how important it is to choose the ideal washing machine by focusing on the appeal as well as the practicality of the 8kg Volta washers. If you’re looking to upgrade your current model or looking to buy the latest model, recognizing the benefits of this brand and size, like the impressive Voltas washing machines (8 kg), will make all the difference in the world of laundry.

1) Model Name A: Voltas Beko 8 Kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WTT80DBLG, Sky Blue)

A brief description of standout features and highlights:

This semi-automatic washer from Voltas Beko is a great alternative for consumers with a tight budget. Its capacity is 8kg, which is sufficient for a large family. It also has a five-star energy rating, which makes it extremely energy efficient. Some of the most impressive characteristics of this washer include:

  • Aqua beat technology for washing to ensure more efficient washing
  • Two-wash programs: Gentle and Normal
  • Lint filter to catch hair and lint
  • Rat protection mesh to stop rats from gaining access to the machine

Price range: Rs11,000 to Rs13,000


  • Energy-efficient
  • Affordable
  • Good wash performance
  • Lint filter and protection for rats mesh


  • Semi-automatic, which means it requires a little manual effort
  • Only two wash programs are available.

User reviews and ratings:

This machine is rated with a 4.2-star score from Amazon India, with over 5500 reviews. on Amazon India.

2)Model Name B: Voltas Beko 8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WTT80DBRT, Burgundy)

A short description of the features and standouts:

This fully automated washing machine, made by Voltas Beko, is a good alternative for those looking for an easy washing experience. Its capacity is 8kg, and it has a five-star energy rating. It also offers a variety of wash programs, like Normal, Gentle, Heavy Duty, and Quick Wash. The standout characteristics of this washer include:

  • Aqua beat wash technology to provide improved wash performance
  • 10 wash programs are available to pick from
  • Child lock to ensure safety
  • Self-cleaning function

Price range: Rs18,000 to Rs20,000.


  • Fully automated
  • A wide range of wash programs.
  • Self-cleaning function and child lock
  • Good wash performance


  • Much more expensive than semi-automatic wash machines.
  • A few people have voiced their concerns about the noise levels

User reviews and ratings:

This machine has been awarded a 4.5-star score at Amazon India, with over 3000 reviews.

3) Model Name: Voltas Beko WFL8014VTSC: 8 Kg Front Load Washing Machine

Short Summary: This Voltas Beko washing machine comes with 8kg of capacity, an inverter motor to ensure efficient energy use, and 5-star energy-rated steam wash technology for deep cleaning and stain removal. Expert programs to remove difficult stains. The sleek grey style adds modern style to your laundry area.

Standout Features:

  • Steam Wash: Steam penetrates clothing with steam to break up dirt and grime, allowing for more thorough cleaning.
  • Stain Expert Pre-programmed cycle cycles that target specific stain types like grass, blood, and oil for easy stain removal.
  • Inverter Motor Peaceful operation with less vibration and improved energy efficiency.
  • A five-star energy rating reduces electricity costs.
  • 8kg capacity, perfect for small to large families.

Price Range: Rs 33,000–36,000.


  • Stain removal is a breeze with the Steam Wash and Stain Expert features.
  • Energy-efficient thanks to the efficient inverter motor, as well as a 5-star rating.
  • A quiet operation with minimal vibrations.
  • Large capacity to wash large items.
  • Modern and sleek design.


  • Certain users have reported issues with the interface not being user-friendly.
  • It is not ideal for spaces with small dimensions because of its dimensions.
  • There are fewer washing cycles as compared with some competitors

User reviews and ratings:

This machine is rated with a 4.1-star score from Amazon India, with over 5500 reviews. on Amazon India.

 4) Model Name: Voltas Beko 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

A short description of the features and standouts:

  • Semi-automatic washer with 8.5 kg capacity
  • 1400 RPM spin speed to ensure quicker drying
  • Three wash programs are available to select from
  • Aquabeat technology for a gentle wash

Cost range: Rs12,500 to Rs13,500


  • Speedy spin
  • Many wash programs are available to select from
  • Effective dirt removal
  • Gentle wash cycle


  • Semi-automatic operation requires a bit of manual effort
  • Options for a limited wash program

Reviews and user ratings:

4.3 out of five ratings on Amazon.

5) Model Name D: Voltas Beko 8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, 2 Cassette Filter (WTT80DBLT, Sky Blue)

A brief description of standout features and highlights:

This semi-automatic washer from Voltas Beko is a good alternative for those looking for an even more powerful wash. It is able to hold 8kg, and it has a 5-star energy rating. It has two cassette filters to catch hair and lint more effectively. The most notable characteristics of this washer include:

  • A powerful motor to give you better wash performance
  • Two cassette filters to help with hair and lint removal
  • Three wash program options: Gentle, Normal, and Heavy Duty
  • Rat mesh to protect against rats

Price range: 13,000–Rs Rs15,000


  • The power of wash
  • Two cassette filters to help with hair and lint removal
  • Affordable
  • Energy-efficient


  • Semi-automatic, which means it requires some manual effort
  • Only three wash programs are available.

Reviews and ratings from users:

This machine has received a 4.4-star rating from Amazon India, with over 2500 reviews.

Comparison Table: Voltas Washing Machines, 8kg

Let’s begin our comparison with a table that highlights the key differences between Voltas 8kg top-load and front-load washing machines:

AspectTop LoadFront Load
Loading StyleTop-loadingFront-loading
Space RequirementRequires more space due to the top-loading design.Compact and space-saving with front-loading.
CapacityTypically, it offers a larger drum for an 8kg load capacity.Slightly smaller drum due to the door design.
Energy EfficiencyGenerally consumes more energy compared to front-loaders.More energy-efficient, saving on electricity bills.
Water EfficiencyUses more water in each cycle.Requires less water for washing.
Wash QualityOffers excellent washing performance.Provides superior cleaning results with less wear on clothes.
Speed and NoiseFaster washing cycles tend to be noisier.Slower cycles but quieter operation.
Price RangeOften more budget-friendly.Usually comes with a higher price tag.
Maintenance and RepairIt is easier to access and repair top-load washing machines.Front-load machines may require more complex repairs.
Vibration and Floor SupportMay cause more vibrations and require a sturdy floor.Minimal vibration and can be placed on most surfaces.
Special FeaturesMany top-load models come with unique features.Front-load models often include advanced features and options.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Voltas Washing Machines (8 kg)

When you are deciding on the ideal washing machine, many important aspects have to be taken into consideration. About the Voltas washing machines (8kg), here are the main factors that will aid you in making an informed choice.

When you are deciding on the ideal washing machine, many important aspects have to be taken into consideration. About the washing machine Voltas (8 kg), here are the main factors that will aid you in making an informed choice:

1. Capacity and Drum Size

The 8kg capacity of Volta’s washer is ideal for families of medium size. It can take on larger loads and reduce the frequency of washing cycles. Make sure the size of the drum on the Voltas washing machine, which weighs 8kg, will be able to handle your laundry load comfortably.

2. Washing Programs and Features

The Volta 8-kg washing machines provide an array of wash programs that cater to various materials and levels of soiling. Take into consideration the features available, such as quick washing, a gentle cycle, and a variety of settings that can be customized to meet your individual laundry needs.

3. Energy Efficiency and Water Consumption

Verify the energy rating as well as the consumption of water in this Volta’s wash machine (8 kg) to ensure that it is eco-friendly and economical over the long term. Higher energy efficiency and lower consumption of water could result in lower utility costs.

4. Price Range and Budget decision

Make sure you have a budget in mind before you shop for the Volta wash machine (8 kg). The prices of Volta’s washing machines that weigh 8kg may differ, so having an idea of your budget can help you narrow your choices and make a better decision without overspending.

5. Special Features

Volta’s washers (8 kg) could come with specific features, such as inverter technology that can help you save energy and have more quiet operation. The automatic detergent dispensers that are included in the washing machine of Volta (8 kg) could make it easier to wash your laundry.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Voltas Washing Machines (8 kg)

Regularly scheduled maintenance can greatly prolong the lifespan of the Voltas washing machine (8kg). These are some basic guidelines to make sure your appliance is in top operating condition:

1. Clean the drum: Regularly, clean the drum to get rid of dust and lint that could build up and impact the efficiency of the machine.

2. Cleaning the dispenser of detergent Clean the dispensers regularly and soften the dispensers to avoid blockages and ensure the correct distribution of the detergents.

3. Inspecting Hoses: Examine the drain and water inlet hoses for indications of wear, damage, or obstructions. Replace them as necessary to avoid leaks and ensure an appropriate flow of water.

4. The filter needs to be cleaned. A lot of Voltas washing machines come with a LINT filter. Make sure to clean it frequently to avoid blockages and to ensure that the water drains properly.

5. Balanced Loading: Divide your laundry evenly within the drum to avoid imbalanced loads, which can cause excessive wear and tear on parts of the equipment.

6. Use the right detergent Make sure you use the recommended detergent and adhere to the guidelines of the manufacturer to prevent the buildup of detergent and damage to machines.

7. Regularly clean: Wash all the surfaces of your washer, as well as the controls panel and buttons, to keep them free of the buildup of dirt and grime.

8. Cleaning the Door Seal: Make sure to keep the seal of your door free of dust and moisture to stop the growth of mildew and mold. Clean it off after each use and keep the door open to let air circulate.

9. Avoid Overloading: Refrain from the temptation to overload your machine as it can cause stress to the drum and motor, which can cause wear and tear that is premature.

10. routine checkups. Schedule regularly scheduled professional checkups with a specialist to find and fix potential issues before they turn into major ones.


In the end, when you want to improve the efficiency of your washing routine, going for the ideal 8kg Voltas washing machine is crucial. Voltas washing machines (8kg) is a well-known name in the appliance market and provides a range of top-quality Voltas, including the highly sought-after Voltas washing machine (8kg) models. This thorough guide has carefully identified the top 5 most effective Voltas washing machines that weigh 8 kg, providing you with crucial information as well as their advantages and disadvantages. To ensure that your selection is in line with your personal preferences, consider your budget, the space available, and the specifications you want in the Voltas washing machine (8kg). If you select the Voltas washing machine, you not only ensure quality but also an efficient cleaning process for your garments. Make your laundry more enjoyable now with a reliable and energy-efficient Voltas washing machine (8 kg).


1) What is the price of the Voltas 8kg washing machine?

The cost of a Voltas washing machines 8kg washer starts at Rs 13.459; however, it varies based on the specifications and model. Take a look at semi-automatic, online, and automatic offers.

2) Is the Voltas washing machine good?

Voltas washing machines differ, and you should research specific models to get trustworthy information. Some models are worth the money; however, customer reviews aren’t always positive.

3) What is the lowest price of an 8.5-kg washing machine?

The cheapest price for an 8.5 kg washing machine is based on features and the brand The average price is 13 990 rupees for semi-automatic models.

4) How many clothes for 8 kg?

The amount of laundry you can do that can be washed in 8kg is contingent on the type of wash, the intensity, and the machine’s capacity. In general, it is possible to wash 8–10 kg of laundry. Refer to the manual for details.

5) What is the price of Voltas 8kg washing machine?

The price of a Voltas 8kg washing machine starts at ₹13,459 but varies depending on model and features. Check online retailers for the best deals!

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