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In the bustle of our lives, our washing machines have evolved to become essential appliances for Indian households. In terms of quality and reliability, LG stands as a well-known brand. But, just like any other household appliance, LG washing machines require periodic maintenance. Knowing LG washing machine service charges is vital, as it helps ensure the durability of your appliance as well as your budget. In this post, we’ll go over the intricacies that come with LG washing machine service costs and discuss the most common issues including warranty coverage, and other aspects that affect the cost of service, and provide helpful tips to cut down on these charges. Let’s begin this journey of information to help you become a knowledgeable LG washer owner.

Understanding LG Washing Machine Service Charges

Before we go into the details we must first understand the scope of LG washing machine charges include. They aren’t just unintentional; they’re an amalgamation of elements that affect the cost of maintaining your appliance in an excellent state. The factors that determine the cost include the type of repair needed, the warranty status, the location of the service, and much more. The importance of transparency in the cost of service can’t be overemphasized. It is crucial to know the value of what you pay for in order to make educated decisions.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine Repair Cost

SparePrice (INR)WarrantyLabour Charges (INR)
Inlet Pipe299/-149/-
Drain Pipe249/-149/-
Wash Motor1399/-90 Days149/-
Spin Motor1299/-90 Days149/-
Coupling499/-90 Days149/-
Wash+Soak Timer1150/-90 Days149/-
Wash Timer699/-90 Days149/-
Spin Timer450/-90 Days149/-
Safety Switch299/-90 Days149/-
Bellow499/-90 Days149/-
Capacitor450/-90 Days149/-
Spin Basket899/-90 Days149/-
* Major Spare Prices Are Listed Above.
* Spare Prices May Vary
* Collective Labour Charges Can Not Be More Than 399/-

Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine Repair Cost

SparePrice (INR)WarrantyLabour Charges (INR)
Inlet Pipe450/-149/-
Drain Pipe299/-149/-
Main Wash Motor2149/-90 Days149/-
Drain Motor850/-90 Days149/-
D V Case499/-90 Days149/-
Sensor750/-90 Days149/-
V.Belt299/-90 Days149/-
Inlet Valve450/-90 Days149/-
Door Lock850/-90 Days149/-
Clutch Assly1999/-90 Days149/-
Heater299/-90 Days149/-
Bellow1399/-90 Days149/-
Bellow1399/-90 Days149/-
Capacitor650/-90 Days149/-
Pulsater750/-90 Days149/-
Sensor Pipe299/-90 Days149/-
* Major Spare Prices Are Listed Above.
* Spare Price & Warranty May Vary
* Collective Labour Charges Can Not Be More Than 399/-

Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine Repair Cost

SparePrice (INR)WarrantyLabour Charges (INR)
Inlet Pipe450/-149/-
Drain Pipe299/-149/-
Main Motor2449/-90 Days149/-
Direct Drive Motor2899/-90 Days149/-
Drain Pump1699/-90 Days149/-
Sensor750/-90 Days149/-
V.Belt550/-90 Days149/-
Inlet Valve950/-90 Days149/-
Door Lock850/-90 Days149/-
Heater1699/-90 Days149/-
Capacitor650/-90 Days149/-
* Major Spare Prices Are Listed Above.
* Spare Price & Warranty May Vary
* Collective Labour Charges Can Not Be More Than 399/-

Common LG Washing Machine Issues

If the LG washing machine is malfunctioning, it’s important to pinpoint the problem precisely. Common issues LG washing machine owners may encounter are drainage issues, spin cycle issues water leakage, and electrical malfunctions. Understanding the issue will be the initial step towards knowing what type of services you require and how it will affect the final cost of service.

LG Warranty Coverage

LG offers a warranty for its washing machines. However, the warranty coverage differs. Knowing the intricacies of LG’s warranty policy is crucial. Repairs covered by warranty typically cost less or are free, whereas out-of-warranty services are subject to charges. Warranty status is a crucial part of determining the amount you’ll be charged in exchange for service.

Factors Affecting Lg Washing Machine Service Charges

A variety of factors affect the cost of maintaining the LG wash machine. These include:

Type of Maintenance or Repair

Minor issues may cost less than major repairs So identifying the issue precisely is essential.

Parts Replacement

Removing parts New parts can have a significant impact on service costs So, ask about cost in advance.

Technician’s Labor Costs

Prices for labor may vary depending on the difficulty of the repair as well as your service company.

Services Locations

In the event that you reside in an area with a lot of distance access can impact the cost of service, therefore it is important to take into account this aspect.

For example, suppose you’re dealing with a minor problem, such as a blocked drain that needs a swift solution, compared to a full motor replacement. The price for these two scenarios are likely to differ significantly and knowing the difference could help you avoid unexpected costs.

Average Washing Machines LG Service Charges

While it’s hard to provide an exact number due to the varying nature of variables, we can provide an estimate of the usual service costs for typical LG repair of washing machines. Be aware that these figures are merely estimates that are not guaranteed, and your actual cost could differ depending on your specific circumstance. It is always recommended to get the price from your provider.

Minor Repairs: Rs500 – Rs2,000

Major repairs (including the replacement of parts) The cost range is between Rs2,000 and Rs6,000.

Technician’s Labor Charges: Rs300 – Rs800

Remote or Inaccessible Locations Additional charges could apply.

Tips for Minimizing Service Charges

Prevention is always better than cure, and this maxim is true of the LG wash machine. We’ll offer you useful ways to cut down on the frequency of repairs. Regularly performing routine maintenance and tackling minor issues on your own could be a huge help in prolonging the life of your appliance, and also reduce the lg washing machine service charges cost.

  • Clean regularly lint filters and drain pipes.
  • Do not overload the machine in order in order to reduce stress on its parts.
  • Make sure you use the correct detergent and adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer.
  • Make sure to clean and maintain the water inlet filters regularly.
  • Make sure the machine is in a well-ventilated space to avoid overheating.
  • Transparency and Customer Satisfaction

Picking a provider who has transparent pricing is essential. Being informed of charges upfront helps build trust and assures satisfaction for customers. Do not hesitate to ask questions or get clarification on any concerns you might have about the charges for services.


In the end, knowing LG washing machine charges is essential to each Indian household. It helps you make informed choices, protects you from unplanned expenses, and helps ensure the long-term durability the life of your machine. We’ve covered all the important points that affect your washing machine, from the most common issues to warranty coverage, factors that impact the cost of service, and suggestions to minimize charges. For any concerns or questions in relation to LG washing machine maintenance contact us. Washing machines are an important aspect of your day-to-day life, and they should receive the highest level of care.

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